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Taking Time to Watch the Sunset at West Witterings Beach

Part of the problem of trying to find happiness in the modern world is that sometimes we are just so damn busy. This is certainly the case at the moment, I have a ‘to-do’ list longer than my arm, a tax return that desperately needs filling in and a million and one things that need to be sorted for the kids.

When life gets like that, the temptation is to hide myself away, ploughing through chore after chore, never allowing myself a moment to stop and take stock of where I am.

But I think it is really important to make sure that doesn’t happen. Life is more than chores and musts and needs. It is about joy and feeling the air on your skin and letting the wind catch your breath.  So a run down to the coast and a walk along West Witterings Beach was just what the doctor ordered.

West Witterings Beach Walking

Not looking at my most stylish but the hat and warm coat were definitely needed today. The wind blowing in off the sea was FREEZING!!!

Likewise, it was not a time to be feeling the sand beneath my toes. Even with thick socks on under my boots, my feet were pretty chilly. It felt good to be leaving my footprints in the sand at the beginning of a brand new year though.

I always collect rubbish as I’m walking along beaches as I love the idea that I’m leaving somewhere just a little bit more beautiful than when I found it. I remember walking along West Wittering beach with my kids last summer and we came away with quite the haul of pieces of plastic. It was good to see today that all I found were some pieces of rope and no litter.

East Head  National Trust at West Wittering

Fuelled by black coffee from the cafe (But no food as there were no vegan options. Boo!) We walked along the beach down to the National Trust Nature Reserve. We talked about everything and nothing along the way, which are the best kind of walks in my book.

By the time we had reached the peninsula, the sun had begun setting. Along the estuary we were protected from the wind by the dunes, which made the walk back towards the car a little warmer.

We Can Watch The Sunset

The best part of the whole trip was the fifteen minutes we sat together on the stp of a beach hut just watching the sun dropping from the sky. The way it lit up the clouds as it sunk lower was absolutely beautiful.

Sometimes, I think the most peace and beauty can be found in the simple, quiet moments when you are alone with the person you love and sharing a sunset together.

Days like this put the chaos of modern living into perspective.

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