About Me & My Bike

Woman riding mountain bike over sandy ground at Hawley lake

I’m Tracy Braybrook, the voice behind EatsPlantsLivesDreams. I started mountain biking after a 25 year hiatus during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. After a couple of false starts, I found a new love. I set myself the goal of getting fit enough to ride the Shipwrights Way by the end of the summer. Happily I completed it solo in early September. I now spend most of my time thinking about riding and blogging my escapades.

What I ride

I ride a Pinnacle hardtail mountain bike (slightly old school) as running on 26″ wheels. Rock Shox front forks. Avid Juicy hydraulic disc brakes. Shimano SLX drivetrain with a few xt upgraded parts thrown in. Also, converted tubeless tyres back to tubed for ease of fixing on the trail. To the purists I realise this is a bit retro but the most important thing for me is to be in the saddle riding. This set-up is tried, tested and reliable which means less time spent fixing issues on the side of the route. It is also super light which means I can easily lift it over obstacles in my way.

Mountain bike leaning on rail at Hayling Ferry port
The bike I ride

This bike is also borrowed from my boyfriend J, who has more bikes than strictly necessary. I’ve made a few personal adjustments like a comfier saddle than the razor blade he was riding, a clamp for my phone so I can navigate and a bell to warn people I’m coming. I’ve spent very little money on making the bike my own which has meant I could fall in love with riding without the pressure of having to make the bike pay for itself or worrying too much about dinks and scratches. I’d advise anyone who is thinking that they want to get into mountain biking but can’t afford it to beg, steal or borrow a bike and do a few routes. Try some technical trails, try some tours. Find out what it is you love and choose the bike to fit the style of cycling you like.

Most of all, relax and enjoy the ride

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